One of the biggest challenges that this market is facing is retaining the students, in a moment where they’re not interested in pursuing a traditional post-secondary education.

Nowadays Wireless Networks hves become the most important service in the Education segment, while the students, teachers and administrative staff are increasingly becoming more dependent on this sometimes neglected service. But as important as it is, the IT department usually does not receive feedback on the network performance from the students.

Although they’re using the traditional monitoring tools to reactively-monitor the network, they often lack visibility from the end-user’s perspective. That is why they end up resorting to use a human resource to test the network on site whenever there’s a complaint, but there are limits to what a human resource can do, in terms of being at the right place in the right time to capture a potential issue.

WUX enables network administrators to have real-time insight on the network’s performance from the end-users’ experience, identifying and solving network issues in real-time.

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